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Passing on the Legacy

Here at Youth Inspired, we encounter the same with our associate facilitators that are graduating in universities. Some excel so much in their journey with us, and we wish that they could stay.
Unfortunately, people have to move on, and here’s where succession planning is important.
Mentoring and Coaching is the answer to creating a legacy.
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The Alarming Feedback of
     “After us…”

For over 15 years, instructors in Youth Inspired have had the privilege of journeying with different student leadership bodies, over their years of service in schools.
The leaders in each generation often give similar feedback on succession:
“Why are the next batches of students underperforming? After us, things become worse.”

Examples of “Underperforming”

Members are less bonded and involved

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Members are less motivated to achieve group goals

Members are unpolished in skillsets 

Members are less consistent in attendance

Members are less respectful of seniors and teachers

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Here at Youth Inspired, we guide leadership bodies to put in place strong Mentoring and Coaching systems to circumvent these issues.

We believe that it is paramount for senior roles to accompany, sow, and challenge their juniors.
Today, let us not leave good leadership to chance.

What Will You Learn?

Our Mentoring Programmes train participants in 4 Key Phases

The discovery process of taking time to understand the mentee’s contexts


Agreeing on learning goals and clarifying expectations


Monitoring of mentee’s progress and providing affirmation/feedback

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Celebrating the learning acquired from both parties

Why Should You Learn It?

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Mentoring recognized as a critical role in the 21st century

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Value add to your organization via succession planning

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Transferable Lifelong skill from school to workplace

How It Helps You?

Setup a strong and sustainable system for succession

Improve the consistency of leadership in your organization

Promote a culture of mutual learning between senior and junior roles

Our Past Mentoring Engagements

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Credit Suisse
Mentoring Programme

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Enquire about our Mentoring and Coaching Programmes today!

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