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The Importance of Self Regulation

Teenage years can be very difficult for youths as they struggle with issues like self-identity and sense of belonging. 
Amidst increasing academic struggles, social pressures, and relationship challenges, the mental wellness of youths have no doubt taken a toll.

These teenage trials are not going away anytime soon. 
How can we train our young ones to regulate their thoughts, emotions, and behaviour?

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Here at Youth Inspired, we aim to promote a culture of Mental Wellness as a Personal Responsibility.

Our instructors will journey along youths to explore 5 facets of Mental Health Awareness, through various workshops as well as longer term programmes such as After School Engagement or the GearUp Initiative.

5 Facets of Mental Health Awareness


Who am I? What is my Story? Am I normal?

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What are signs of good and bad mental health?


Why do I seem to have such strong uncontrollable emotions?


How do I identify at-risk behavior in myself and others?


How do I move forward after “traumatic” experiences?

Our Success

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Youth Inspired plays a very unique role as mental wellness advocates for youths.

Having an advantageous balance between formal counseling and a ordinary peer, our instructors have the privilege of becoming genuine mentor-friends to the young community.
Even after their schooling years, the friendships gained continue. From one season to another, we give the best for our growing teens.


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“Throughout my years in ASE, John has been a very helpful and caring leader. He is always there to listen to all our problems and to give us good advice to guide us in life. 

Even after graduating from school, my group of friends & I still hang out with him in the evenings to catch up, and EVERY outing with him is always filled with fun and laughter. 

John really brought joy into my life, after creating a clique that I really never expected to have. I’m extremely thankful for whatever John has done throughout the years I’ve known him.”

Clarisa Cheam, ex-Head of Welfare of ASE Committee

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What Will You Learn?

Our Mental Wellness programmes include various customized programmes to suit the needs of our clients

A 3-hour workshop for youths to develop personal resilience. Participants go through a process of self-discovery, gain perspective on their issues, and challenge themselves with a growth mindset.

For Youths
Peer Support Mental Wellness

A 3-hour workshop providing handles on peer-to-peer support in mental health. Participants learn about stress, the science behind it, and first aid responses to help one another cope in school

A 10-week programme focusing on freedom management for teens, using evidence-based techniques and proven strategies from neuroscience and positive psychology

For Youths
After School Engagement
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A 10-month weekly programme where a designated youth worker works closely with schools on a targeted group of students, emphasizing on the development of good character and SEL competencies

Why Should You Learn It?

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Increasing importance of Mental Wellness over the past 5 years

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Understand how habits and thought patterns are formed, affecting mental health

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Instructors with Social Work, Psychology and Counseling background

How It Helps You?

Create a strong and sustainable peer-to-peer support system

Develop strong coping strategies for stress and emotional management

Promote a culture of Mental Wellness as a Personal Responsibility

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“Mental health is not a destination, but a process.
It’s about how you drive, not where you’re going”
-Noam Shpancer, Ph.D in Clinical Psychology, Author of “The Good Psychologist”
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Enquire about our Mental Wellness Programmes today!

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