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The Key to Engagement

In our Facilitation Programmes, Youth Inspired provides handles, tools, and opportunities for youths to be more confident in leading discussions, fostering engagement, and debriefing activities.
With facilitation confidence being ability-based, even the most introverted of individuals have found success with us.
Practice makes perfect! 

A Checklist of Polished Facilitation

Core Understanding

What is the proper definition of Facilitation, and how do I apply it as the backbone of my engagement?

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What are my audience’s personalities, moods, and emotions? How do I approach different kinds of audiences?


Do I detect the energy levels and dynamics of the audience periodically?

Rapport Building

Do I recognise the importance of earning the right to speak into lives? Have I done so adequately?


 Do I know how to handle difficult behaviours tactfully and respectfully?

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Here at Youth Inspired, we develop Facilitators to be Enablers.

Having knowledge is good. Making that knowledge easy to learn? Even better still.

What Will You Learn?

Our Facilitation Programmes explore 3 domains
Foundations of Facilitation

Participants will learn about the fundamentals of facilitation and how it has become a critical skill in collaborative learning.

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Techniques of Facilitation

Participants will be given opportunities to practice skillsets such as positioning of a facilitator, active listening skills, and adopting a solution focused approach

Dynamics of Facilitation

Participants will be trained to manage different discussion scenarios with guidance from our trained and experienced facilitators

Why Should You Learn It?

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Collaborative Skills are recognized as top 10 skills in this era (Petrone, 2019)

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In line with 21st Century Competencies of good communication and interpersonal skills

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Safe space to hone engagement skills

How It Helps You?

Increase connectedness with others socially and digitally

Manage personal emotions or awkwardness during group engagement

Lead teams in discussions with clear and concise goals

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“The new leader is a facilitator, not an order giver.”
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-John Naisbitt, Author and Public Speaker in the Area of Future Studies
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Enquire about our Facilitation Programmes today!

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