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Singapore’s First Competitive Online Escape Room Experience

Experience first-hand, a competitive and dynamic escape room activity with 2 different paths, each consisting of its own set of puzzles, riddles and objectives!
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The Civil War
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Why Choose Us?

Massive Replayable Content

With over 100 unique puzzles, play in a small group of 4, or up to as large as 200. Every participant has something different to work on!

Competitive and Dynamic

Experience the first VERSUS MODE escape room created in Singapore. Choices affect other players real time!

Ongoing Development and Expansion

Storyline and areas to explore are continually added to the base game. Check back with us for updates on new zones and puzzles!

Current Game Contents

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Escape Room - Civil War!

In The Civil War experience, participants pit themselves against one another to find the most resources after a pandemic.
Divided into 2 teams, participants have unique in-game abilities that aid them during their quest.
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Civil War Teams

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The Scientists' Path

Participants in the Scientists’ team delve into forgotten societal locations to retrieve resources.


Specializing in knowledge and intellect, they are periodically “inspired” as they progress, allowing them to obtain answers to future puzzles immediately without needing to solve them.

Watch out, Soldiers!

The Soldiers' Path
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Participants in the Soldiers' team scour the plains and the riverlands in search for resources.


Specializing in tactics and strategy, they periodically gain the ability to "disrupt" the Scientists, freezing their progress in real time.

Watch out, Scientists!

Looking for something smaller in scale?

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Escape Room - The Heist!

In The Heist experience, participants pit themselves against one another in a struggle for control over a high profile bank.
Whether Cops or Robbers, members of each team must use their wits shut down the operations of the opposing group.
Will the city be safe, or will the robbers prevail?

The Heist Teams

The Robbers' Path
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Participants in the Robbers’ team undergo a high-profile robbery – aiming to successfully break into a wealthy bank.


Obtain blueprints, look for clues, and unlock the Gold, Silver and Lead vaults. The treasure is yours!

The Cops' Path
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Participants in the Cops’ team are activated to be the city’s heroes, enacting justice on those deserving.

Track down the robbers, re-activate the bank’s security cameras, and cut off their escape path!

Highlights of Escape Room

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Affordable Rates starting from $18 per pax

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Provision of 1 x Professional Game Facilitator

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Team Bonding with a Twist – Perfect for team building amongst groups, with the added sense of adrenaline and competition

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Minimal and Flexible Resources – Game can be played on any device (computers and phones, though computers are recommended)

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Replay Value – With 2 different sets of over 50 puzzles each, participants can re-experience endless hours of FUN!

Requirements and Specifications

Date & Time - Any preferred time and schedule

Age - For ages 8 and above (difficulty can be adjusted by Game Master)

Size - Recommended

4 pax to 200 pax (Civil War)
4pax to 60 pax (The Heist)

Duration - 1.5hrs of Gameplay, inclusive of 15 mins brief and 15 mins debrief conducted by Game Facilitator

Resources – Computer/Laptop/Phone, Internet Connection, Zoom Virtual Meeting App, Chrome Browser

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