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Supported by the Human Resources & Finance Community (HRFC), Youth Inspired aims to bring Strategy and Intentionality into the Career Planning of youths.
In this day and age of digital economy where traditional work and vocations are changing quickly, youths need all the help they can get to transition smoothly from campus life, to corporate success.
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With more than 15 years of assisting various institutions in Education and Career Guidance, Work-Ready Programmes and Resume Writing Workshops, Youth Inspired aims to bridge the gap between learning in school and success in the workplace.

From Campus to Corporate, students will be equipped with the
understanding of workplace concepts.

5 Workplace Concepts 

1. Culture Identification

How do I identify the culture in my workplace? What are the dos and don’ts in different types of culture?

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2. Colleague Management

How do I manage between tasks and relationships? How do I support my superiors?

3. Workplace Professionalism

What are some domains of professionalism? How do I manage workplace politics?

4. Workplace Confidence

How do I be confident in a new environment? Did I even select
the right job?

5. Securing a Job Position

What do I need to prepare when applying for a job? What do
recruiters look for?

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Struggles of Entering Workforce

Being in the Youth Development Space for more than 15 years, instructors in Youth Inspired have been privileged to journey with youths even after their educational years.
In this process of mentorship, we observe a few recurring topics of discussion that highlight the challenges faced when youths enter the workforce.

4 Recurring Topics of Discussion

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"I have graduated with grades that I am happy with, but I did not like my course of study. What kind of jobs should I go for?"

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With more than 15 years of experience in charting career paths for youths, we have streamlined workplace readiness concepts into easy-to-understand practical handles.

Today, let us equip ourselves to be competent, tactful, and work-ready individuals.

What Will You Learn?

Our Campus to Corporate programmes involve a 3 Step Progression

Participants are brought through a process where they understand more about who they are as a person, their passion and motivations.

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Next, they translate who they are into their career choice, helping them to achieve “Ikigai”, a Japanese lifestyle concept referring to “Reason for being”.


Finally, through various structured activities, participants will learn to assimilate themselves confidently into new working environments.

Why Should You Learn It?

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Veteran instructors with more than 10 years experience in career coaching

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Collaboration with rich
industrial partners

How It Helps You?

Design and develop a
lifelong career plan

Understand different workplace dynamics and how to thrive in them

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Up-to-date perspectives in
career landscape

Obtain principles on making
wise career decisions

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"A strong economy begins with a strong, well educated workforce."
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-Bill Owens, Former Governor of Colorado, USA
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Enquire about our Campus to Corporate Programmes today!

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